Tarot cards

Tarot Parties & Events

Are you hosting a party or business event and would like to offer something a bit different to your guests?

Whether your special event is a birthday party, hen night, wedding, holiday event or corporate event, I will provide accurate and captivating 10 to 15 minute mini Tarot Readings for your guests! 
A Tarot Party is a fun way to entertain your guests, it’s an affordable and unique activity to have at a party, something your guests will remember for a long time.

I will arrive in Bohemian attire, and set up a beautiful tarot reading table that will bring a vibrant energy and insights to your special event!
I can provide Tarot Card Readings while seated or can wander around and mingle with your guests for spontaneous readings too, your choice!  Whatever the occasion the energy will be light, and the insights are sure to enlighten your special event.

If your organisation is looking for something unusual at a corporate event or fair, I can provide fun and accurate readings that can help your event to be remembered.