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Debbie Walmsley - Tarot 21

My earliest recollection of working with spirit was at eight years old and doing a Ouija board with my gran. Both my mum and my gran were heavily “into” all things spiritual, and I grew up around Ouija boards, tarot, spirit world etc and at that young I believed everyone did the same, well at 8 years old you would, wouldn’t you?

I had my first encounter with spirit at around 9 or 10 years old, it was my great gran who came to visit me, and no I was not in the least bit scared, the experience was as comforting as if I had just been to visit her for tea. Although even at that age I knew she was no longer with us, so I said nothing, only to my mum and nan and they thought that my experience was perfectly normal!

So began my journey with spirit and all things esoteric. There have been times when I have abandoned my beliefs, but time and time again, Tarot has always drawn me back like a magnet, it’s as if it would not let me stray too far or for too long.

In the beginning I thought tarot had all the answers, wanted to know whether I would get that job, ask the tarot, wanted to know what my new boyfriend really thought of me, ask the tarot, wanted to know if I would win the lottery or end up rich, ask the tarot. I would abandon my path when tarot did not answer these questions, well what’s the point if it won’t tell my fortune?

But that’s just it, tarot does not tell fortunes, it cannot predict the future. Each of us is the master craftsman in our lives and we create our futures.

Over time I learnt how to work with Tarot, how to understand its beautiful intricate wisdom, how to ask the right questions to get the right guidance or understanding, and I also learnt to trust, to trust myself and trust in the wisdom of the Tarot. I have now worked with Tarot for over 20 years, it has helped me to navigate my way out of workplace bullying, abusive marriages and challenging financial situations, all with grace and dignity.


I use the guidance of Tarot in my daily life and as a professional reader, I help others to unlock their own unique message from Tarot and to understand how the ancient wisdom can help and guide them to more prosperity.

Tarot and ancient mysticism, together with my love of the nature and the great outdoors plays a huge role in my day to day life and the work that I now do. All this has been born out of a real, honest desire to share all that I have learnt with others, so that they too can live a life of their choosing and simply be happy and content.

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about Debbie - Tarot reader

How I Work

My readings are honest and compassionate, aimed at giving you the inspiration to move forward, and the confidence to make the right decisions. I may not tell you what you want to hear but I will tell you, gently, what you need to hear.

​If we chat over the phone or via zoom, please find a place where you feel relaxed and will not be disturbed for the duration of the call. Be open to the possibility of hearing something you may not have considered before. Being open minded will help you see things from a different perspective.

​When we consult with the Tarot, it can help steer us along the path of our life’s journey. It can highlight the lessons we need to learn, the challenges or struggles we may face, but, if you chose to do so, it can also offer up insights, knowledge and the opportunity to steer a different path if we do not like the one we are currently on.

For me working with Tarot is about trusting that the wisdom within the tarot will reveal insightful and informative messages exactly when they are needed. I like to think about it this way – it’s a bit like consulting with any other expert, you go along with your queries and questions, you listen to the expert then you make up your own mind about what is right for you at that moment in time.

Some people believe Tarot can predict exactly what is going to happen, when, with whom, names, dates, times everything down to the finest details, now maybe for some that works, but that is not how I work with Tarot. You see, I believe we all have free will, and the decisions we make, the actions we take, can change the path we find ourselves on at any time. A Tarot reading cannot predict exactly what will happen or what you will choose to do, but it can help you decide the best course of action, it can show you where your strengths lie, and armed with that information you can make the best choice for yourself.

The Tarot speaks to everyone, individually and uniquely, I wonder, what will it say to you?