The Bank of Kindness

Sitting here in my little bubble, I like to think that somewhere in the Universe there is a Bank of Kindness. Amongst all the doom and gloom and fear that appears prevalent and so real to many people right now, there is also much kindness being offered. Simple acts such as a smile at a stranger, helping neighbours with shopping, offering support in times of need, taking time to talk to people. Every act of kindness, no matter how big or how small, is a credit in the Universes’ Bank of Kindness account.

This account fills up over time, so that when someone, anywhere in the world, is in need, the Universe debits the account and Kindness is given and reaches those in need at that time.

When I offer acts of kindness, its because I can, I am in the right place at the right time and I willingly do whatever I can to help the person in front of me in whatever way seems right. I do this not expecting anything in return – it’s my way to keep the Bank of Kindness full, and there are many others who do this too. I believe that if I, or my family or friends, are ever have a need of an act of kindness, I trust that we too will be able to make a withdrawal and the right act at the right time will be available to us.

Let’s all help to keep this account full, be kind and keep the ripples of kindness flowing freely and reaching out all those who need a bit of kindness right now.

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