Master Tarot Readings

The course consists of 6 x 2-hour sessions held weekly. Each session will be recorded so you can watch them again in your own time and you will also have a lifetime access to the recordings.

Here is a what we will cover at each session:

  1. Reading Tarot and your intuition

  2. Understand the significance of the elements, numerology, symbology and timings

  3. How to tell the story within the cards

  4. Three card readings and how to create your own tarot spreads

  5. Celtic Cross and the hidden spreads

  6. Pulling it altogether, your first tarot reading, ethics, boundaries


If you would like to know more or have any questions, please do get in touch.

New course starting on Thursday 8 April at 7.00 pm


please contact me for full details.

The craft of tarot